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Car wash pumpsIn the huge world of car washing, washing systems work using high pressure pumps. For this reason, over the years Leuco S.p.A. has specialised in this market niche, in order to study, design and build car wash pumps of the highest quality and output. Car wash systems allow users to wash their own cars autonomously, using the pressure washing system which uses pressurised water to clean the car surfaces.  The high pressure pumps used to manage car wash systems has to be high performing, guaranteeing maximum output.

Leuco S.p.A.'s far-reaching research into quality and technology in this sector has led the company to become one of the leading car wash high pressure piston pump suppliers both in Italy and abroad. The pumps, which are sold under the HAWK brand, are a byword for the guarantee of quality for washing pumps, and can be applied to various types of car wash systems.  These include car wash pumps applied to tunnel washing systems, in which the pumps convey the water through special jets that wash the car before the brushes do their job, but are above all used in self-service car washes, in which the pump is used to convey water through the spray lance from where a pressurised jet of water (according to the pump power) removes the dirt and incrustations from the car body. 

The quality research in designing Hawk® car wash pumps has led Leuco S.p.A. to be certified to UNI EN ISO 9001 for more than ten years, a mark of the company's quality guarantee and the result of the highest level of team work, in which maximum attention is also paid to the production phase which following the car wash pump design phase.

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