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Warnings Pumps Use

Failure to install the pumping system correctly can result in injury or damage to property: it is important to follow all the points below.

1) The pump should not be used at higher pressures or speeds of rotation than those shown on the product’s specifications plate.

2) The pump should be installed horizontally with respect to the base to facilitate optimum lubrication.

3) The pump’s suction pipe must be proportional to the volume and its diameter must not be less than the suction mouth. It is important that there be as few bottlenecks on this pipe as possible (elbows, T couplings, reductions, etc ...).
Each junction on the suction pipe must be sealed properly with Teflon tape or a similar product to avoid leaks or air intake (cavitation).
Cavitation is the formation of bubbles of steam in the liquid: their implosion generates abnormal stress which is very damaging for all pump parts. To safeguard optimum pump life, avoid the circulation of liquid containing sand or other solid particles as this affects the efficiency of valves, the plungers and seals. This can be prevented by fitting an oversized filter on the suction pipe with respect to the pump volume. The filter should be cleaned regularly.

4) The delivery pipe must be able to support the operating pressure of the pump. Excessively narrow passages can result in lance pressure loss.

5) To prevent injury and damage to the pump, it is vital to fit a pressure control valve and a safety valve to prevent the pressure accidentally exceeding its operating level. Contact our technical staff before fitting these valves.
To keep the system pressure under control, a pressure gauge should be fitted on the delivery line with an appropriate bottom scale.

6) Our pumps can be installed in various ways: with pulley drive, direct drive or with flange coupling. An adequate flexible coupling should be used for direct coupling with the electric motor.
Make sure the pulleys are aligned if pulley driven; adjust the belt tension and provide adequate safety protection.
Excessive belt tension can cause the oil to overheat and reduce bearing life.

7) Before starting up the pump, make sure the oil is up to level. We recommend the first oil change within the first 50 hours of operation. Subsequent oil changes should take place every 500 hours or more often in case of heavy use.
The type of oil used for our pumps is SAE 20/40W.

8) After starting up the pump, aid priming by keeping the delivery line open (lance). Do not let the pump run dry: this can result in rapid seal wear and invalidates the warranty.

9) When using chemicals, run the pump with clean water for several minutes after use. Do not use the pump at low temperatures. To prevent freezing, run the pump dry for about 20 seconds to drain the pipes.

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