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High pressure water cleaner brushLeuco S.p.A., the Reggio Emilia-based company which has been producing high pressure pumps for more than 30 years, has a mission which looks to new business opportunities, expanding its production to include the main components of high pressure water cleaners.  In this way, Leuco S.p.A. produces a wide range of accessories under the Hawk® brand, a worldwide name in the production of high pressure water cleaner accessories not only in Italy but other foreign countries where the engineering skill which goes into the manufacturing of equipment with the highest functional quality is recognised and rewarded. Among the many high pressure water cleaner products and accessories, you will find a wide range of pressure guns, with different models to suit pressure flows (of up to 310 bar), fitted on different types of high pressure water cleaners.  High pressure water cleaner guns are made in high-resistance plastic with an anodised aluminium core, and have an ergonomic shape which is comfortable to handle and a jet pressure lever which has an equally ergonomic grip.  In addition to this, the high pressure water cleaner lances are available in a range of models.  Single or double lances, dual lances and lances with handles, offering a perfect grip when using the high pressure water cleaner. Finally, the "foam" lance creates a special foam jet when the lever is pressed. The wide range of accessories also includes brushes for high pressure water cleaners, in different diameters and various rotation methods of the internal brushes to assure deep-down cleaning.

Completing the range of Hawk® high pressure water cleaners there are two main types of nozzle.  Variable fan high pressure nozzles (H series) and variable fan low pressure nozzles (HL series).  The technological skill and constant strive for innovation in high pressure water cleaner accessories have made Hawk a renowned name in the global high pressure water cleaner accessories market.

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