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An high pressure pump by LeucoThe high pressure pump is a special hydraulic pump which is used in different applications in a wide range of sectors, from civil and industrial washing to special production processes which require fully versatile high pressure pumps.  Today, Leuco S.p.A., which has been producing high pressure pumps for 30 years, markets a number of HAWK high pressure models, the brand recognised throughout the world for the high quality of its materials and components, as well as the great versatility of use assured by the high pressure pumps working brilliantly in the production processes of the largest Italian and international industries. 

The technical features of high pressure piston pumps are substantially those of normal hydraulic pumps, but due to the special tightness of their components they can be used at higher working pressures.  For example, included in the wide range of HAWK high pressure pumps, Leuco S.p.A. boasts the special "HHP 500 Bar range", which as you can imagine by the code is a high pressure pump which guarantees working pressure of up to 500 bars.  This feature allows the HAWK high pressure pumps to be used particularly in industrial processes, but also in a number of different agricultural applications. In fact, the 500 bar limit is a value which determines the pressure containment capacity inside the pump chamber, which is also affected by the particular tightness of the seals and valves. 

Leuco S.p.A. has invested greatly in these features over the past few years, above all in the design of various components in order to create a product (pump) which offers the highest possible quality, efficiency and reliability.  Bearing witness to the great quality of the HAWK high pressure pumps, Leuco S.p.A. has joined the Kärcher Group, the German giant and world leader in the construction of cleaning equipment, which uses the technical competencies of Leuco for the supply of the high pressure pumps used in their products.

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