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Industrial washing pumpsIn industrial washing applications, equipment such as high pressure water cleaners require particularly high performing pumps.  For this reason, Leuco S.p.A., a member of the Kärcher Group, constantly studies and designs new pump solutions for industrial washing.  The increased size and different contexts of industrial washers have led Leuco to design industrial washing pumps with enhanced flow rates.  This particular type of pump, specially designed for industrial applications, assures greater pressure capacities suited to heavy-duty applications in the industrial fields they are used in.  In the industrial field there are many applications which can be satisfied fully by HAWK pumps, including high pressure water cleaners for vehicles, agricultural machinery, earthmoving plant and industrial machinery generally, but equally industrial applications for cleaning boats and even aircraft. 

For industrial cleaning applications, Hawk® pumps are used in the food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, but are also extremely useful, thanks to the great versatility of their components, in community applications including schools, hospitals, etc. Last but not least, the pumps are highly useful in industrial washing applications in the agricultural sector, for cleaning stables, breeding sheds and silos, which require high capacities and consequently the Hawk® pumps must offer specific features in terms of capacity and reliability.  The same can be said for washing containers such as industrial tanks, food silos, truck tanks and municipal waste bins.  But in addition to the washing function, the pumps produced by the company from Reggio Emilia also offer high performance for complementary applications which are directly linked to industrial activities.  This is the case of surface treatments, such as hydro blasting, cleaning monuments, boat hull treatments, paint removal from buildings and similar activities. 

Hawk® pumps are used in industrial applications in fixed systems such as automatic vehicle washing tunnels, food equipment and containers, but are equally used in self-service car wash systems.  Last but not least, Leuco S.p.A. industrial washing pumps are also used in other applications, including humidifying plant and vegetable greenhouses but also other industrial applications, dust removal systems, fire fighting systems, maintenance services for pipes, drains and much more besides.

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