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washing gun for high pressure water cleanersIn the automatic car wash sector, the most important component is the pump in the high pressure water cleaner motor, but the only component which is touched by the user is the washing gun.  The gun, or also the lance depending on the type used, is the very end of the pressure washing system, a veritable gun with an ergonomic grip which assures optimum manoeuvrability when washing the car.  The washing gun is fitted with a lever which activates the pressurised water jet (depending on the pump features), which is pointed towards the area to be washed.  The pressure of the water released from the washing gun removes all dirt and incrustations from the car bodywork.  Hawk design and produce a range of washing guns. First of all the first difference is between gun and lance; these have different shapes and are used in different ways. The washing gun is generally used with only one hand, while the lance, which often works at higher pressures, needs to be held by the user in both hands.  Washing guns are made from resistant plastic associated to metal which offers greater protection from knocks and contains the pressurised water jet coming from the pump.  The washing guns also work at different pressures.   The Hawk 250 and 310 take their names from the bars of pressure they withstand during operation, while the "weep" gun has freeze protection features.

A whole range of lances are available: single, double and foam. All the washing guns and lances (which can also be fitted with brushes) are guaranteed by the renowned quality of Hawk®, the world-famous brand of high pressure water cleaner pumps and accessories.

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